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Contract Hire is a great way to access a brand new car with the peace of mind that comes with a full warranty, and no large balloon payment to worry about at the end. It’s flexible and straightforward; you simply pay an initial rental and then pay fixed monthly rentals for the duration of your agreement. The price will be dictated in part by the mileage you do. Contract Hire is available for both business and personal drivers. If you’re looking for a new vehicle, we can also include the cost of servicing in your package so your monthly outgoings are fixed and predictable.​

Personal Contract Hire

Do you get a cash allowance for your company car provision? If so have you considered Personal Contract Hire? With all the benefits of a standard finance agreement but with no risk or residual value changes, Personal Contract Hire could be just for you. Available via Mazda Contract Hire why not speak to Romford Mazda we can meet your needs and take away the stress of your company car.

You can find our latest Contract Hire offers online today, whether its the sporty and refined Mazda3 or for more room our midsize SUV the Mazda CX-5. Contact us today to get a quotation based on your circumstances.