“Mazda MX-5 crowned UK Car of the Year”: Express.co.uk
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Mazda has dominated at the UK Car of the Year 2016 awards, winning two categories as well as claiming the coveted title. The all-new Mazda2 took the award for Best Supermini, whilst the Mazda MX-5 gained Best Open-Top and overall winner of UK Car of the Year, as judged by 27 well-renowned motoring journalists.

The judges chose their winner out of the “top performer[s] in 12 vehicle categories” and agreed that the Mazda MX-5 was the most deserving:

  • “Delicious to gaze upon, beautifully engineered, eminently affordable - and positive proof that motoring pleasure need not be predicated on pure power alone” Anthony ffrench-Constant (Car Magazine)
  • “No other car launched in 2015 advanced the class standards so comprehensively: the Mk4 Mazda captures the essence of MX-5ness brilliantly. It’s a fabulously polished – and democratic - sports car” Tim Pollard (Car Magazine)
  • “With the latest MX-5, Mazda has created the perfect roadster. A lightweight engaging, simplistic and even practical vehicle, which is an absolute pleasure to drive,” John Challen (UK Car of the Year director)
  • “The MX-5 embodies all that is great about our products. Its fun to drive character has earned it a place in the hearts of driving enthusiasts the world over.” Jeremy Thomson(Mazda Motors UK managing director)

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